Electronic circuit board
Electronic circuit board


TCS / Eurotherm D300 Function Convertor

Provides several standard computations. Can be programmed with a 8263 HHT or via VDU software program. Three analogue inputs (current or voltage), and two outputs, one analogue and one digital (relay) can also be configured. Two of the analogue inputs are dual function: one accepts a frequency input and the other provides a 25Vdc field transmitter supply. The unit can be supplied from either 24Vac or dc supply. Any number of input functions can be combined with one computing function and any output function, from:
INPUT - T/C and RTD linearization, analogue linearization, scale & bias, signal limiter, signal inverter, square root extractor, frequency to analogue converter, track and hold.
COMPUTING - Adder/subtractor, multiply/divider, high/low/mean selector, mass flow.
OUTPUT - Rate limit, scale & bias, integrator, lead/lag.

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